City doctors miraculously perform rare surgery


KANPUR: City doctors miraculously saved one-month-old Krishna by successfully pulling out a that got stuck up in his esophagus. The operation was conducted by a team of doctors from cardiology institute and chest hospital, LLR.

Dr. Vinay Krishna, director of cardiology institute told that steel net with 1.5 cm diametre had got stuck in the esophagus of the child after his 3-year-old sister accidentally made him swallow it. “Initially he was admitted to a city chest hospital where the doctors tried operating him but couldn’t succeed. They came to me and we together performed the operation with the help of ‘rigid video esophagoscope’. The foreign ailment was removed with the help of ‘telescopic foreign body removal,” he said.

When asked about how the case was a rare one, the doctor said, “Foreign ailment cases aren’t new for us. But, operating one-month-old child was new as well as a challenge. In my knowledge no such operation has ever been performed before in the city. It’s an achievement for us and for the city as well. We are planning to get this operation published in different medical journals very soon,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anand Kumar, head of Murari Lal Chest Hospital, who was one of the main team members said that before taking the help of Dr. Krishna, he along with his team tried to operate the child with the help of flexible bronchoscope. “The child was brought to us on October 6. I along with my team tried pulling out the steel net with the help of ‘flexible bronchoscope’, but couldn’t succeed. After this we contacted Dr. Krishna and performed the operation on the morning of October 7. The operation was quite complex and tricky because the child was just one-month old. At such a young age the esophagus track is very soft and sensitive. Therefore, it was a bit complicated and a rare case in its own way,” he said.

“Fortunately the artificial particle was stuck up in food pipe and not in wind pipe. Therefore, the kid was able to breath properly. We operated the child by keeping him on artificially ventilation. The operation was performed for 35 minutes. The kid is now discharged and is doing good,” he added. Father of the kid, Ashu Chaurasiya, resident of Kidwai Nagar B-block, said that Krishna mistakenly swallowed a ‘water tap net’ made of steel on October 5. They took him to three private hospitals one after another but got no hope. Giving it a last try the ‘hopeless parents’ consulted the doctors of the chest hospital. “We lost all hope after three private hospitals denied us any solution. One of the hospitals asked us to go to AIIMS, Delhi or SGPGI, Lucknow. We are really grateful to doctors of department of chest and cardiology, LLR,” he said. The team of doctors, who performed the operation, also included Dr. R.N. Pandey, cardiac anesthesiologist, Dr. R.K. Verma and Dr. Neeraj Kumar.


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