DIA 2014 9th Annual India Conference – Focusing on Emerging Trends, Opportunities and Challenges in Indian Healthcare


DIA (Drug Information Association) announces DIA 2014 9th Annual India Conference: ‘The Future of Indian Healthcare: Patients, Access and Innovation’ which will be held on October 16-18 at the Palladium Hotel in Mumbai, India.

Good health is a fundamental human right. But despite recent rapid improvements, unprecedented healthcare challenges in India, which demand immediate attention and thoughtful action, remain. Ensuring the safety, efficacy, quality, affordability and accessibility of medicines and treatments to patients when and where they are needed is of critical importance. DIA 2014 9th Annual India Conference: The Future of India Healthcare: Patients, Access and Innovation will bring together leading regional and global healthcare experts, including representatives from industry, academia, regulatory, payers and patients, to deliberate how best to catalyze the needed transformation in Indian healthcare so that putting patients first, fostering innovation and enhancing access are clear directives.

About The Conference:

Providing excellent patient care is the driver for all healthcare professionals; in this care paradigm, hearing and responding to the patient voice is critical to success. Among its offerings founded on this ‘Patient First’ approach, DIA 2014 9th Annual India Conference will present a unique session focused on important ethical considerations affecting patient participation in clinical trials in India: ‘Participant Understanding and Informed Consent’ will address challenges and barriers to patient understanding of clinical trials and to the application of current pertinent regulations (e.g., videotaped informed consents); it will also explore international standards for data surrounding their clinical trial participation and potential regulations requiring the return of clinical trial results to these patients. DIA 2014 9th Annual India Conference will be co-chaired by Padmashree Prof. Ranjit Roy Chaudhury (Chairman, Task Force for Research, Apollo Hospitals Group) and Alexandra Pearce (Senior Vice President; Head, Global Regulatory Affairs; Glenmark Pharmaceuticals).

DIA is the global connector in the life sciences product development life cycle. Our association of more than 30,000 key stakeholders builds productive relationships by bringing together regulators, life sciences professionals and academics, patient advocates and other influencers to exchange knowledge and collaborate in a neutral setting. DIA’s network creates unparalleled opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and brings together interdisciplinary experience to prepare for future developments.

The dedicated efforts of DIA volunteers, members and staff enable DIA to provide a comprehensive catalogue of conferences, workshops, training courses, scientific publications and educational materials. DIA is a global community representing thousands of stakeholders working together to bring innovative, safe and effective products to patients.

DIA is an independent, non-profit organization with its global center located in Washington, DC, USA with the Indian office in Mumbai, and additional regional offices covering North and South America (Horsham, Pennsylvania, USA); China (Beijing); Europe, North Africa and the Middle East (Basel, Switzerland); India (Mumbai); and Japan (Tokyo).


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