KMC Hospitals celebrating World Heart Day


MANGALORE: The Dr TMA Pai International Convention Centre will reverberate with the simultaneous ‘lab dab’ beats, emulating the heartbeat, on Sunday.

KMC Hospitals celebrating World Heart Day for the tenth consecutive year wants to make this event a special one. As a prequel to getting into the Guinness Book of World Records, KMC Hospitals will attempt at get into the Asia Book of Records (ABR) with simultaneous human heartbeat for five minutes continuously.

The participants will beat their hands on the side of their thighs 72 times per minute, creating the sound of a healthy heartbeat. Though one minute is sufficient, the team plans to do it for five minutes.

Surendra Prasad, head, marketing, KMC Hospitals said: “Though we should have 1,500 people to enter ABR, we should be have 3,000 plus at the venue that day.”

The KMC team has already visited several colleges in the city and the response has been positive. The participants, who should be above 18 years of age, are to gather at the venue for the registration process at 6.45am. The event is scheduled between 7.50 am and 8am, after the initial practise session.

“All participants will get an official letter of participation with the ABR seal from KMC Hospitals, after the event. A judge nominated by ABR will oversee the proceedings and declare whether we have entered ABR, and hand over the record certificate at the venue, if we are successful,” said Prasad.

All participants will get a T-shirt, but with around 2,000 expected, it will be given on first-come basis at the registration counter.

KMC Hospitals had sent ABR a sample demonstration video with 40 participants a month ago. “They approved the category and said there should be a minimum of 1,500 participants,” said Prasad.


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