Koya Healthcare’s Diabetes Care Clinics has evolved an innovative and advanced medical procedure


Hyderabad based Koya Healthcare’s Diabetes Care Clinics has evolved an innovative and advanced medical procedure called Artificial Pancreas System (APS) therapy for treating diabetes patients for the first time in India.

Showcasing the new APS treatment procedure in Hyderabad, Dr B Prahlad, managing director, Internal Medicine & Diabetologist from Diabetes Care Clinic, said, “Artificial Pancreas system is a FDA-certified, clinically proven, patented metabolic disease therapy, which is proven for the management of these life-altering metabolic diseases combined with the “Best-Standard-of-Care” for diabetes. We are planning to open medical clinics in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi and abroad that will treat the chronic complications of advanced-stage diabetes with an US FDA cleared intravenous therapy.”

According to healthcare experts diabetes is a silent killer and is the cause of multiple diseases in humans. In approximately 40 per cent of diabetic patients, the disease reaches a stage where serious complications develop and begin to progress, including the loss of feeling in the hands and feet, persistent wounds, many forms of pain, poor sleep, low energy, diminished eyesight and the loss/ impairment of kidney and heart function. Patients who have developed these complications do not see their conditions relieved by beginning or continuing tight control of their blood sugar with drugs and insulin shots. In these patients, the disease will continue to progress which is why diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and amputations. The prognosis for people with advanced diabetic complications has been quite dim, until now, opined Dr Kishore and Dr Rajesh; both are directors of diabetes care clinic.

For patients who are suffering from acute diabetes problems APS therapy is the best option. “APS is a revolutionary way of treating diabetes and its complications. This new treatment procedure is first of its kind in India. This therapy is proven and extremely safe. It is so efficient that it can even reverse major co-morbidities of chronic diabetes, like neuropathy, diabetic ulcers, nephropathy and ESRD, retinopathy, hypertension, mental fog and dementia, etc,” added Dr. Prahlad.

As India is regarded as diabetic capital of the world with about 61.5 million suffering with the disease, healthcare expert feels that more such innovations and advancements should come in the medical field to overcome the future healthcare challenges faced by the country.


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