Acute encephalitis syndrome death toll rises to nine


MUZAFFARPUR: The death toll emerging from acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) rose to nine here on Thursday with five more children succumbing to the undiagnosed disease. The highest number of the season, i.e. 12 new patients were admitted for treatment including seven in Kejriwal Hospital and five in SK Medical College Hospital since Thursday morning.

Three patients have died in Kejriwal and two in SKMCH on Thursday, according to sources from both the hospitals. Presently, the scene in both the hospitals is pathetic as the attendants of the admitted children, as well as the doctors, are in the dark about the fate of the children. No one knows whether his or her child will survive because there is no specific medicine to treat them so far.

It has been experienced that the number of AES patients swells with the rise in humidity. Humidity was 61 per cent on Wednesday and rose to 62 on Thursday. Whenever children sweat more due to humidity, the disease assumes alarming proportions in Muzaffarpur and neighbouring areas.

The AES patients imperatively need protection from humidity and as such they are constantly kept in air-conditioned rooms. But none of the AC machines were working on Thursday at Kejriwal Hospital where the highest number of 17 patients are presently getting treatment. Attendants were trying to give air to gasping patients with hand fans. Power supply was not being maintained there even after the district administration’s order.

DM Anupam Kumar and representatives of National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) visited Kejriwal Hospital on Thursday when more and more new patients have started pouring in from the countryside. The situation of helplessness is pervading the atmosphere.

Source: Times Of India


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