Doctors and staff members of AIIMS want to extent health benefit schemes


NEW DELHI: Doctors and staff members of AIIMS have pitched for extending their health benefit scheme beyond the premiere institute to all other hospitals empanelled with the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS).

This will be discussed in the upcoming AIIMS’ standing finance committee and governing body meeting.

An EHS card holder of the premiere institute at present can avail regular treatment and check-ups done at AIIMS only. He cannot go to any other hospital for treatment which is a problem, one of the faculty members said.

“Faculty of AIIMS do not have a pan-India coverage and thus availing treatment becomes difficult for them when they go back home to other states after retirement.

“This is a long pending demand of the staff members and faculty that they should be able to avail the medical facilities same as their counterparts in central government services to ensure cash less and pan-India emergency and non-emergency healthcare coverage to the retired faculties,” said AIIMS spokesperson Amit Gupta.

Even otherwise, Gupta said that faculty members go to various other states for conferences and an emergency can arise during which they may need to seek treatment at another hospital.

According to AIIMS Act, employees of AIIMS are entitled to all allowances which are provided to the central government employees. AIIMS administration has been backing the demand and the issue was raised at the standing finance committee meeting in 2013, but it could not be approved. AIIMS administration also plans to raise the issue with the Union health ministry.


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