Maharashtra Food Administration says Lead Content in Maggi is at permissible Limits


Mumbai:  The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said on Friday that Maggi noodles samples it tested were found to contain lead within permissible limits.

“Lead content in Maggi noodles samples we tested were found to be within permissible limits,” FDA Commissioner Harshadeep Kamble told Press Trust of India.

“Laboratory reports of nine samples collected from Mumbai, Thane, and Sangli were available today. These samples showed lead content ranging from .04 to 1.48 parts per million,” the senior IAS official said.

The permissible level is 2.5 parts per million.

However, with many states banning Maggi noodles due to the presence of lead, Nestle announced on Friday that it is withdrawing the product from the Indian market due to “unfounded confusion” which has affected consumer trust.

However, the company also maintained that its noodles are safe for human consumption.

Nestle’s global CEO Paul Bulcke flew in from Switzerland to India to take stock of the situation after Maggi noodles was banned in states like Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Delhi among others.


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