Police warns hospitals to practise caution

BHUBANESWAR: In the wake of June 5 robbery of Rs 11 lakh from an employee of SUM Hospital, police on Monday held a meeting with authorities of different hospitals in the city. In February 3, an employee of Aditya Care Hospital was robbed of Rs 17 lakh.

Expressing concern over ‘unsafe’ transfer of cash between hospitals and banks, commissioner of police R P Sharma said, “Hospitals should convince banks to send vehicles and armed security guards to collect cash.” Banks should open branches in hospitals, which make heavy cash transactions every day, he added.

The commissionerate’s ‘paid’ security service proposal to commercial establishments during transport of heavy cash to and from banks has evoked poor response. “They can hire armed security guards for safe transport of cash,” Sharma said.

In a spot over increasing number of motorcycle thefts on Capital Hospital premises here, police have asked the authorities to designate a parking space and install CCTV cameras. “The authorities should also put in place a public announcement system, urging visitors to use additional locks in motorcycles,” Sharma said.

A total of 70 loot, snatching and motorcycle theft cases were reported outside different hospitals in the capital city in the past three years.


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