Surgeons in Chennai taking medical to the next level by performing triple organ transplant


CHENNAI: Harvesting organs from the brain dead persons may be a routine procedure. But the surgeons in Chennai are now taking it to the next level and trying to do more complicated procedures.

On Thursday, surgeons in the city conducted a triple organ transplant in a patient with multi-organ failure.

Chennai joined a handful world-class hospitals in India that had attempted such a complex surgery before. Doctors pointed out that it was not an easy task as the surgery required a lot of skill and patience.

Doctors on Wednesday harvested the organs of an 11-year-old road accident victim from Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre and sent the liver, bowel and pancreas to Apollo Hospitals.

A team of surgeons transplanted the three organs as an entire set to one of their patients on Thursday.

Intestinal transplant has remained as one of the most challenging and the least performed intra-abdominal organ transplants across India.

A decade ago, the first bowel transplant was tried by late surgeon Dr Shanmugha Baskar at the Madras Medical Mission with organs harvested from a brain dead patient at the Government General Hospital, but the patient died.

There had not been any attempts of bowl transplant in the state since then. However, in the last one and a half decades, doctors have learnt to the refined techniques.

Patients with intestinal failure, on most occasions, develop nutrition-related complications leaving many patient emaciated. Doctors said they had ensured that the patient at the Apollo Hospitals was fit for surgery.



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